Like many of you, I’m a working caregiving mom in a fairly sedentary job.

I sit at my desk or sit in meetings most of the day…five days a week.

Even though I try to exercise several days a week, I’m constantly looking for simple ways to squeeze more fitness into my workday.

fitness at work

10 fitness opportunities to incorporate at the office

Here are a few fitness tips I do consistently, have tried before or plan to try during my work day:

  1. Take a brisk 10-15 minute walk at lunch and soak up some Vitamin D
  2. When you are meeting with one or two people, have a walking meeting inside or outside the building
  3. Ask your company if they will reimburse you for a standing desk. I have a Varidesk that I love!
  4. Park far away from the office entrance so you get extra steps on the way in and out of the office
  5. Take the stairs instead of the elevators or escalators
  6. Drink water or hot tea which results in many bathroom trips forcing you to get up and move
  7. Program your Fitbit or similar device to remind you when you have been sedentary for too long (my goal is 10,000 steps a day which is the equivalent of walking 5 miles)
  8. Start a fitness challenge with your coworkers – try the ‘workweek hustle’ challenge with others who have a Fitbit device
  9. Sit on a stability ball or stand on a stability disk
  10. Do some simple stretching exercises during your bathroom breaks

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Take Action

If you have other tips that are allowing you to squeeze more fitness into your workday, please share!

What activities do you plan to try and include in your work day?  Remember even a small change can make a BIG difference over time!

Click the image below to get a list of 50 songs that are bound to make you move more.

50 happy healthy songs

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2 comments on “10 fitness opportunities caregivers can squeeze in at work”

  1. I love my Fitbit and I know I move so much more because I wear it all the time. It also helps me keep track of my sleep (and see that I don’t get enough :/). I’ll be sharing this with my caregiver community in next week’s newsletter :).

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