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Enjoy Your Life While Caregiving – Yes You Can.

Family caregiver enjoys life while caring for others

Resentment is an evil emotion that arrives with some buddies including guilt and sometimes anger. When you feel resentment creeping into your life, it’s a sign. It’s a sign that you need more me time in your life to energize your body and your spirit. A sign to find ways to integrate the activities you enjoy into your life…even while caring for others.

Much of the content on my site focuses on the little ways you can be happier and healthier while caregiving. The small, doable, and practical ways to savor daily life. But…there is also much enjoyment in planning, living, and remembering BIG events.

For my family, our big events in the past couple of years while caregiving have focused on traveling. (more…)

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An early holiday gift filled with Irish blessings


In a recent post, I shared that instead of showering our kids with holiday gifts, the past few years we have been investing in travel and enjoying the dividends in the form of lasting memories.  Read more about this family philosophy here if you missed the Traveling for Memories post as it will give you some background on why we do this and how we go about selecting a location.

I loved hearing one of the kids ask us to pull over so they could snap a picture.

Over the kid’s fall break (which is earlier than most places since we start school the first week of August) we went to Ireland. We purchased the 6 night package last winter from Travel Zoo.  The package included round trip flights from Atlanta to Dublin, one night in a hotel, 5 nights of bed & breakfast vouchers, car rental, and a mobile Wi-Fi device (this little buddy is a MUST have on your trip as it works in cars, pubs, B&B, etc.!).  My 15 year old daughter, Natalie, planned the general route we took and listed out the towns and attractions she thought looked interesting.  In her style, the itinerary was an over achievement but we knew that going into the trip.  We just liked having the list of options at our fingertips.  I used a web tool called Trello that also has an app and organized a list for each day with a card on the list for the details about each option, who recommended it, and any special notes.  I included a few tips that I got from Instagram and Pinterest searches, as well.  Once we knew the general route, I selected the bed & breakfasts based on TripAdvisor reviews about a month beforehand. (more…)

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Traveling for family memories

family travel memoriesEarly in our marriage, may be even before we were married, Jason and I had agreed that we would always use some of our time off to have our own vacation.  Coming from a big family, there are always events and family reunions to attend but it was important to us that we set aside focused family time together each year.  Before our children were part of our lives, we took some special trips to New York City, California and Grand Cayman.  Not to mention our honeymoon in Bermuda.

Traveling with young children

Once we had our children our vacations primarily centered on trips to visit family.  Every summer, we have been to our family cabin in Hubbard Lake, Michigan and there have been several visits to Florida, Pennsylvania, Phoenix, and Washington D.C. areas to see my parents and our siblings.  One exception to the normal trips is when we jumped on an opportunity when Natalie was 10 months old to go see my sister Susie and her family in Botley, England.  Her husband Dave was there for a 2 year assignment and it was Susie’s 40th birthday and we were missing their 4 kids since they had moved away.  They had been in England long enough to show us all the local sites they loved.  Susie kept Natalie one day when we visited so Jason and I could take the train into London for a day on our own.


Bali Indonesia family trip
Mt Batur Temple

Our first big international trip as a family was BIG!  In June 2007, the four of us went to Bali, Indonesia.  (more…)

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