A guest post written for Happy Healthy Caregiver by Angel Carers.

Caring for someone living with dementia can be a challenge – it’s a complex condition that can often be difficult to understand. People with dementia often have memory problems, mood swings, anxiety and can often feel isolated. Whether you’re caring full-time for someone with dementia, or a few days a week, the following tips may make dementia care just a little bit easier.

Learn How To Communicate

When administering dementia care, be mindful as to how you’re communicating with the person with dementia. It’s important to ensure that they understand exactly what you’re telling them, especially as people with dementia often have a limited attention span. There are a few things you can do to engage with them, including:

  • Adopting positive body language
  • Talk in a pleasant, respectful manner
  • Exaggerate your facial expressions
  • Adopt a positive, upbeat tone of voice
  • Use physical touch to help you to convey your message
  • Turn off any background noise, such as radios and televisions
  • Address your patient by name
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Ensure you are on the same level as them – if they are sitting down, it’s best if you sit, too


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