I believe many Caregiving conflicts we have with others stem from unspoken expectations. A lack of understanding of personal boundaries.

Think about your last Caregiving related conflict you had with someone. Was this the case? Was something this person expected you to do or say? Or, were you expecting them to do or say something?

Do ever feel like the universe is sending you signs? One particular book kept popping up in a variety of conversations. The book is called “Boundaries”. At one point, the universe (or my co-worker) put the book in my hand and said ‘you really need to read this.’ I didn’t know he gave it to me until after I read it which was probably a good thing since I read it straight away like I was borrowing it. He insisted afterward that I keep the book or pay it forward.

So I read “Boundaries” because of all the mentions and because I can always improve my relationships with others.

I took some notes while reading this book so I could share the key points in this post. (more…)

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