Eating healthy. Exercising regularly. Getting enough sleep. Keeping up with our wellness appointments. All of these are important healthy habits that we as family caregivers intend to do.

We know how to provide excellent care for others health but when it comes to our own healthy habits…we may not give ourselves a passing grade. Why? Because staying on top of our own healthy habits feels like a part-time job and adds to the feelings of overwhelm.

Self-care is important so we have the emotional and physical energy to care for others but HOW do we prioritize our health when there are just so many hours in the day?

Adopting or adjusting healthy habits may not be the 100% answer but each small idea will help us make progress and create momentum. Something is better than nothing. Little moves add up.

You get the idea. We are striving for baby steps in the right direction.

Let’s break down some of these small healthy practical ideas into the following areas:

Habits that we can ADD or start doing

Habits to avoid or SUBTRACT

Habits that we can slightly tweak by making some SWAPS

Habits we can bundle or BATCH together (more…)

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