I believe many family caregivers think of self-care as a weekend retreat, a night out with the girls or a relaxing day at the spa. Those activities do sound and are amazing! However, self-care can be a collection of tiny little daily habits that allow you to nurture and energize yourself.

In this post, I want to focus in on those daily self-care habits. The little things that you do or could do to take better care of you.

Does anything come to mind?

If you got a decent night’s sleep last night, that’s a good start. If you ate an energizing healthy breakfast this morning, you are starting to seize your day.

Wouldn’t be great to have some little self-care breadcrumbs sprinkled throughout your day for you to savor?

“Poppies” painting credit to my sister Susie Morrell – click image for more info

Daily Self-care Activities

We all make little choices throughout our day and have bits and pieces of idle time. In our daily routine, no matter how busy, we can layer in self-care rituals and habits.


Here are some ideas on habits you can incorporate into your day that don’t take much time and will energize body or uplift your soul:

  1. Drink a cup of hot water with lemon in the morning (and you will look and feel like Jennifer Aniston!)
  2. Take a few daily supplements such as a multi-vitamin, fish oil, and vitamin B complex
  3. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables at every meal to nourish your body
  4. Kiss your children and your partner everyday
  5. Go to bed a little earlier and turn off your devices – read a few pages of a paper book or magazine to wind down. You need your sleep to file away all the life happenings that occurred to you during the day.

6. Switch over gradually to natural make-up and body products.

7. Blend up a protein packed smoothie for a quick meal replacement that will fuel your body and make your day a little sweeter.


8. Take a shower…or at least wash your face and brush your teeth.

9. Meditate for 10 minutes or read something inspirational in the morning.

10. Avoid processed foods and understand why they are making you feel worse.

11. Avoid social media channels and TV programs that drag you down

12. Do something active for at least 20 minutes to elevate your heart rate.

13. Laugh at least once. If you don’t remember laughing as the day is nearing a close, search for ‘funny videos’ on Youtube.com and take your pick from the list of millions!

Take Action

Of the list above what are you going to start layering in to your day? What’s something that you do each day to take care of you?

Do you know someone that could use these tiny daily self-care tips? Please share this blog post with them or share it on your favorite social channel.


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  1. I have discovered a great app called “SEVEN” it’s for seven minute workouts! so cool and doable! and you can target desired areas of concentration.. I try to do twice a day and fit a run in while my mom is eating breakfast.

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