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0 comments on “caregiver appreciation”

  1. You are such an inspiration to me… Your positive attitude, your life journey and words of encouragement inspire me… I thank you for that and thank you for sharing this with me.

    • Thanks, Jessica. You’ve already validated for me why I’m writing this blog – trying to share what I am learning to hopefully make it a little easier on someone else and to build a support network.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Kris! I love the comments!!! I’ve definitely gotten better about asking for help but there is always room for improvement.

  3. I definitely need a tutoring session about the calendar! I have failed at that one. One thing that has worked well is an app called Wunderlist. It’s a list sharing app so both Rami and I can add to lists we created such as "groceries", "costco", "movies to see", "things for kids", etc. It’s a time saver for us. Xoxo

    • Love the Wunderlist app idea…I will have to check that out. I use Trello for most of my lists. Think I’ll do a separate post or even a webinar about that one! I hate not having my lists for groceries and Costco with me when I find that I can go to the grocery store or Costco. Having this in an app would allow you to always have your list ready! Great tip and thanks for sharing!!! xoxo

  4. Good read. I often feel stressed and pressed for time. As my kids get older and involved in more I NEED to have a family calendar. I’m working on getting one in place before summer. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great advice…especially the Google calendar. We love ours and it really keeps us on track (except when I forget to add things to it…LOL)

    Thanks so much for linking up to #ShareTheWealthSunday!


  6. So much great advice in one post. Man!
    I have to say that for me, blocking out the things that I WANT to do is so so so important. I write out my todo list every morning before everyone gets up, and I literally put, "workout", "listen to podcast". haha

    I need to implement the shared calendar!

    • I used to do my daily to do list in the morning when I first get to work but usually I’m running into a meeting or get distracted so I have started listing out my ‘3 things’ I want to accomplish the night before. Workout is often on mine and I love the feeling of crossing stuff off! Good luck with your shared calendar and let me know how it works for you!

  7. so you know you are speaking to my soul with this! absolutely love it and feel like you are peeking in at my life!
    i also just read "turns or there are just enough hours in the day" and i plan to use the link immediately along with doing a better job protecting my personal time. i am so not good at that. as a single mom my #1 priority is my munchkin – i don’t have another parent to balance with so at times everything seems up to me. saying no is an art but like you i hate to disappoint and end up feeling guilty. at the end of the day my daughter’s well being and happiness is first so some "no’s" need to start happening more – i also need to make more time for me as i am the sacrifice most days. thanx for sharing your heart – so good to know we are not along in this crazy journey of life! love you and mean it!

    • Love the link! I have used it on 3 of mail accounts. It really helps remove the clutter in my email box and combine what promos and such I still want to get into ONE email! Beautimous! Think about single moms such as yourself often…can’t comprehend how you literally do it ALL! I love the quote that we can have it all…just not all at once. This way, instead of ‘no’ we can say ‘not now’…sometimes that feels better. Miss your soul and your face!

  8. Fitting in time to workout is something I’m awful at. I am getting a Fitbit in the hopes that it will help me get motivated. I’ve gained a few pounds in the last few months because I haven’t been nearly as active.

    • Lisa, let me know when you get your fitbit (Mother’s Day gift!?) and I’ll share my Fitbit info so we can encourage each other. The challenges are great for me. I know I move WAY more just having it on. You got this!

  9. I’ve been working out about every other day for almost 2 months now. =) Consistency is key! I’ve been waking up early each morning to do it. I’ve had failures where I just sleep through the alarm, but for the most part I’ve been doing good!

    • Way to go Jaime! Paying yourself first (with healthy time for you) is a great investment. I never finish an early morning workout thinking that was a big waste of my time. It gives me energy to get through the crazy day. You are well beyond the 21 days to make a habit…just keep on keeping on.

  10. Great post! I lost 80 lbs and was able to keep it off for 7 yrs now. If it were easy, everyone would do it. It’s so important to stay motivated. Music helped me a lot too. Honestly, if it weren’t for my Ipod, I don’t know how I would’ve done it. Keep up the good work! Perfect timing for this advice as I’m sure so many of us are trying to shed our winter weight.

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean. I ran my first 15k in 2014 and accidentally forgot my headphones the thought of doing this run by myself without any music was unbearable. Instead, I opted to just play my music on my speakerphone – people without headphones sang along as I passed by (or more likely they passed me by) and those with headphones couldn’t hear my music. Rock on with your savvy self!

  11. What a beautiful tribute! I love the way you encourage us to recognize and appreciate the mother figures around us with out giving into the pressure to measure up or follow suit. Lovely read! 🙂

  12. Thank you E:) I love to hear healthy meal ideas! We are all busy and need quick, healthy meals. For us, planning everything out on Sunday is a must. In the summer, we grill as much meat as possible on Sunday and plan meals around what we have grilled. I also ALWAYS have fruit, and veggie trays in the house.

  13. This is a beautiful tribute to the moms in your life. As you said, moms come to mothering from different places but can still be wonderful mothers.

  14. Love these points! As an expat, I don’t have the option of parents or siblings close by, but I do have a wonderful expat tribe. Glad I discovered you on the #WeekendBlogHop 🙂

    • Glad you found a tribe that you can relate to and is there for an ear or helping hand. Hooray for #WeekendBlogHop….I’m on bloglovin’ too! I just discovered it recently and it’s the Pinterest of Blogs. I love it!

  15. Love your blogs Elizabeth! Even this empty nester is finding great tips. The shared calendar is a great idea keeping up with my two ends of the sandwich as everyone has different schedules, trips, etc.

    • Thanks, Jodi! Let me know how the calendar works out for you! Now…I just have to figure out how to get one shared photo library among my family members….

  16. Thank you for this! As a mother, it’s never difficult to feel guilty for taking care of your self, or doing anything that seems to immediately serve yourself. I think many moms (myself included) have trouble finding balance in this department. I’ve personally noticed a pattern of putting my own needs on the absolute back burner (health wise especially) then "treating" myself because I’ve gone without, then overcompensating for feeling guilty about my hour long bath by giving in with the next conflict instead of working towards an actual solution. I heard someone say once that when the heart beats to provide essential life giving blood along our circulatory system, the first organ in the path is the heart itself. So I think that’s a beautiful example of what you’ve written here. The answer isn’t indulging or denying ourselves, but in creating and protecting steady regular time to nourish ourselves so that we may have the strength to serve and love those around us. I am frankly pretty awful as this, the steady part, so I really appreciate this post and reminder to set about finding SAVY ways to do so 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment. I love the heart analogy. Also, I know what you are saying about the patterns of ‘treating’ ourselves. We think we ‘deserve’ the treat (mine are mostly food related) but what we really ‘deserve’ is to hit our personal goals. I’m a work in progress, too! Stay savvy!

  17. Here’s a few you might like if you don’t already have on the playlist. Also these are clean, unlike most of my playlist. (If you aren’t offended by bad words, put on the Girl Talk – Feed the Animals album):

    • Run – AWOLNATION – because we saw them in concert Saturday and they were awesome. RUN.
      – Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris – aka the sexy muffin song
      – Fancy Footwork – Chromeo – fun song we saw years ago on So You Think You Can Dance.
      – Morris Brown – Outkast – not their most popular song but you know we love the marching band
      – Hey Brother – Avicii – I don’t do country but I do bluegrass + swedish house music
      – Greyhound – Swedish House Mafia – instrumental, more from those crazy swedes
      – All is Fair in Love and Brostep – Skrillex – I’m not always in the mood for dubstep but love this one, something about the combo of vocal tracks with 1940’s radio and reggae


    • Thanks for keeping it clean Todd! Love the Sweet Nothing and Hey Brother! The Fancy Footwork is fun, too! Not so sure the rest are a fit for me but I’ll pass on to Jason.

    • Kids and Jason at the beach this weekend for travel baseball finale and I worked on my ebook! Settled on a title! "The Savvy Sandwicher’s Survival Guide: How to take care of YOUR health while taking care of others". Launch day = July 15th!

    • There certainly is a playlist for everything! One of my other ones is called ‘Foosball’ it’s all the 80’s metal and rock bands for the guys to rock out to in the basement. I can only take it in small doses.

  18. I love the quote you chose as your favorite-"life is a contact sport". Teachers live by the same philosophy, they have to or they would lose hope! Thank you for continuing your Dad’s legacy and inspiring others…like me!

  19. I am now about 6 weeks caffeine free and four weeks sugar free. I follow a similar diet, and it’s working. I am down 16 pounds since mid-may. Like you, I was surprised to find sugar in so many things, but the rest of my family still wants those things, so I can’t purge them.

    • Rhonda, that’s AMAZING! I still have some caffeine in my coffee and tea but rarely have a soda. 16 pounds – wowza! I bet you feel like a new person!

  20. What a day!! Reading your schedule reminded me when my 4 grown kids were small. At the end of the day sometimes I’d write down every single thing I did that day and would look back in amazement all that was accomplished, the list was looooong! I did that periodically because so much of what we do is not visible to us or others at day’s end. What a great example you’re setting for your kids! Women are great multit-taskers!!!! For me, in my day, I’m an empty nester, though I’m busy with a big workload and on the go much and often times feel like I’m chasing time, I love this stage of life! One thing is for sure, it is a mix of great elation feeling a sense of complete freedom to come and go with no children to look after daily, it’s also been a time of deep sorrow losing my Mom in November. The blog I posted yesterday on grief took me to a sad place and I was weepy all day yesterday. I’m so grateful I still have my Dad and he’s in good health! Everyday matters and I cherish my time with him and kids family more than ever! Thank you for asking :))

    • Carole…thank you so much for commenting. Each stage of parenting has been so different so far for me and have no doubt that empty nest days will be different, too. It’s nice to hear that you are loving that stage of life as I know it can be a tough transition for some. What seems constant is the necessary skills of learning to juggle the big things and squeezing the little ones in where we can. I consider my personal health to be one of my big things as well as keeping my family thriving. So sorry about the loss of your mom last November. We lost my dad last August and my husband’s mom in December and they are greatly missed. You are so wise: everyday does matter!

  21. I just tweeted this blog…i think. I hope. Good post Elizabeth. You painted a clear picture of a day in the life with your Mom . Midlife changes are for real. Everyday responsibility is a big job. Your family is full of Love, that’s for sure and that’s what drives you. It’s a beautiful thing. Your chapters look good!

    • First thing in the morning I can take my thyroid medicine, critical liver care, and organic bowel cleanse (isn’t this a horrible name?!) on an empty stomach. I save the true ‘vitamins’ for right after breakfast like Vit D, Vit B, multi, etc. The morning juice cleanse is 4 stalks of celery, 1/2 cucumber and 1/2 peeled lemon. But…I end up making a few servings for like 3 days since I don’t have the time to juice before getting to the gym in early morning and don’t want to wake up my whole house! I try to use organic vegetables. I love my Breville juicer!

    • Sometimes in the deep midst of the crazy, I do picture a gold jeweled caregiver throne which makes me smile and keeps me chugging along. I guess I may need the wings to get to the caregiver throne someday. LOL.

  22. I lossed my mom copd and asmia and her lack of oxygen prevented her from doing a lot.I lost her on May 13 cherish every second and you and your sister helping her now is the greatest gift to her but more so to you exactly like my sister and I I send you prayers most of all gratitude.Tina wilson

    • Tina, so sorry for the recent loss of your mom. I hope you are finding comfort in my blog, have a great support system, and have taken away the message that I take and carry which is that we women must prioritize our own health so we can break this cycle. I cherish the good times with my mom and realize that our time is limited. I’m also so thankful that I have a great family support system. Don’t sisters rock!?

  23. I’m glad the trip home was not too bad.. I give you lots of credit, and you are so right,It is what you do for your family!! Lots of love and thank you for such kind words! Keeping Carole in my prayers for a speedy recovery, we did E-mail each other yesterday at least she is in good spirits..
    I just love your mother!!! And all of you too!

    • Judy, you are such a positive influence on my mom! We both commented on your great commitment to your health. You inspire me! Thanks again for all your help while we were in Michigan!

  24. I agree on The timing of the goalsetting. The beginning of the school year works well for me too! I always tell my kids you all have a right now whether you keep "A’s" at the beginning of the school year. Wheather you keep hem it’s up to you! Hope your kids learn how to set goals too. They could be Savvy Sandwichers one day!

    • I love what you say about starting with A’s and making choices on whether to keep them! I just listened to a the #happier podcast by #GretchenRubin and her sister and they echo that back to school is a good time to set a school year goal. They were talking about using a theme word or short phrase. I landed on ‘consistency’ with mine. ‘Consistency’ with my new healthy habits and doing one thing each day to grow my business.

    • Thank you Carole for your sweet comment. I didn’t mention this in the article but when dad passed in lieu of flowers we accepted donations either for a scholarship fund for an annual recipient of dad’s former HS in PA to earn OR for the lake we visit in Michigan to have a flagpole donated in his name to honor the veterans. The flagpole just went up and is waving proudly over the lake we all love. I can’t take credit for these ideas but I love them!

  25. My husband and I have subscribed to this idea for a very long time. We spent time on the west coast of the U.S. last year and it was amazing. It’s funny how things are different though- Bali is only 4 hours from us and is the go to holiday destination of most of our friends. We went before children and haven’t taken them yet but we have been to Canada twice. 🙂 We also like to give experiences rather than gifts if we can. We believe that the children don’t need any more toys but have given art classes, Minecraft day camp, Cirque du Soleil tickets and trips to the zoo instead. We are yet to hear any complains from them. Buy memories, that’s our plan.

    • I like that, Jen, ‘buy memories’. And they can be affordable memories like a cool waterfall hike, apple picking, or camping. We did meet lots of Australians when we were in Bali. Let us know if your travel ever takes you to the Atlanta, GA area! Would love to connect with my fellow blogging friends.

  26. You are a wonderful writer Elizabeth. I felt like I was there through your descriptions. Love the pictures interspersed with the writing and reference to God made beauty and man-made beer.!

    • Thank you, Anne. The irishman who referred to Jacob as ‘a bit of a scamp’ said it in a playful way. Scamp is defined as ‘a person, especially a child, who is mischievious in a likable or amusing way’. I’d say he got a sense of Jacob’s character. 🙂

  27. Loved your vacation tales and photos Elizabeth! Did you feel connected to our newfound Irish heritage? Also, Love your comment about encouraging Jason to be a backseat driver for "safety "reasons. Lol.

    • Wish I could share all the photos, Jill. I took over 300 just on the Nikon and then we all had some for iPhone and GoPro. I did some of the driving, too, and Jason had his share of backseat wisdom. We often just would say ‘hugging’ to indicate we were getting close to the bushes and walls.

    • Funny, I had to actually Google who Tom Morris was. We did have perfect weather to golf and I’m sure Jason was wanting to. We did meet an adult father and son couple who were hopping from course to course at one of our B&Bs. Golfing is one of those sports I hope to take up ‘later’ in another season of my life.

  28. great ideas that sound delicious! I am going to try them. The biggest factor for me is in the planning and shopping. If I don’t have it in the house, I just grab anything quick and it’s usually not healthy. Making my shopping list and doing my prep of veggies etc on Sunday like you suggested once really makes a difference.

  29. Taking focus off the physical is a good tip. We can get so overwhelmed with just the immediate physical needs sometimes. It’s good to find something to do together… like watch a movie. Sometimes, however, it’s even more pressure and that becomes just another "to-do".

  30. Beautifully written, dear Elizabeth … sharing your soul on paper, especially on such an emotional topic like this, is not easy but you did it so well. Sometimes we see things clearer when we not only verbalize but write from the soul. I hear your heart, hope, and desires. I share the same so this was, indeed, enlightening. Dawn sounds like a gift. Do hope Tim will join you at these caregiving meetings.

  31. Hey Liz, that’s a great article. I’ve been and still am in the same boat with my Mom because she is very overweight adm barely able to live on her own. A long time ago I realized that I couldn’t make her do anything, just like you cannot make a small child quit crying. It’s her life and after the initial attempts at offering her help I just let it go. It’s all you can do and the way it was meant to be.

  32. Hi Elizabeth, this was a really interesting read for me. My mother is turning 80 next year and my father will be 74. Although they are still independent and living on their own, I have seen the instances where they need me more and more. Making appointments, taking them to the doctor, mediating their disagreements lol. I see where the path is headed and that I will be taking care of them. I don’t mind and I am extremely close to both of them. I do see the relationship changing to this caretaker role and it’s obviously something that cannot be avoided. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Laura, I think it’s great that you are being proactive about learning about the potential changes coming your way. In a recent conversation with my mom, she did admit that it would have been easier if she and my dad had moved into an assisted living together before he passed. Easier to say in hindsight as they didn’t want to leave their beautiful condo with an ocean-view. But, I can definitely visualize my dad being ‘the mayor’ of her assisted living community. There are some communities that have an independent living area that can evolve into more assistance as needed. There is no one right option as it truly takes a village. If you plan to care for them when the time comes from your home, I’d definitely suggest an outside agency help so you have some respite. I’m here for you as you go along on this journey.

  33. You face it bravely Elizabeth. I admire that you are trying so hard to figure out this journey and I’m thankful that you are sharing these insights with us… these a-ha moments. Acceptance… I think I accepted it a long time ago, but it is easier for me as I’m so far away. But it still makes me sad.

  34. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you so much for sharing this information! I can’t tell you how helpful it was to read and know that I am not alone. I really admire what you are doing, along with your family and also that you shared your take action plan as well. That is a great way to make visiting fun and productive! My mom suffered a series of strokes in 2008 leaving her with hemipelegia and it changed her life completely! I didn’t realize at that time how much it would effect my life as well. I am an only child and all of the caregiver responsibilities became mine and mine alone. Being a caretaker is EXTREMELY difficult and finding any sort of life balance is just as hard. It has taken me years to realize that I have to take care of myself, my children, my husband as well as my mother. In short, this is truly the most inspiring moment of 2016 for me on the caretaker front and again, I just wanted to thank you for sharing!
    My best to Carol, all of you kids and your families! I have many fond memories of spending time with all of you, your dad, Larry, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Rich at Hubbard Lake! Happy New Year!

    • My heart goes out to you as an only child and all the caregiving responsibilities that go along with that. I hope you seek support either locally or online and find tips and support here as well. I’ll definitely continue to pass on what I’m learning and thinking as writing helps me sort it all out. BTW, wearing my ‘hubbard lake happy’ sweatshirt this morning. 🙂

  35. Thanks, Judy. Mom’s care has definitely improved with the new facility. She just started PT and OT this week and doesn’t have to leave the building to get it. It’s wearing her out but she likes the ladies she is working with.

  36. Elizabeth,

    I am SO delighted to have discovered your website, blog, etc… I too am a writer, mom, frazzled member of the sandwich generation (check out my book – Zen and the Art of Housekeeping – written at a time when life was much simpler!). I have been unable to find the information I wanted and needed to survive this sandwich life so…I am determined to create it myself! I look forward to your information and support on this journey! Great job with your website and content!!!!

    Lauren Brownell

  37. This is great information and I loved watching your Pantry Purge video! I completely agree that prep is key! We didn’t do Whole 30 this January but plan to do it in March. It was a challenge for us but we felt SO good doing it.

    • I many people that do a Whole 7 or Whole 15…sometimes 30 is just too much. Even just small itty bitty nutrition changes can make a huge difference. Like eliminating soda from your diet and replacing it with La Croix or substituting sugar or fake sugar with organic liquid stevia.

  38. My first post here! I know it was difficult for you to learn how to juggle it all and I know it was a great time for you to get to know your mom again. It’s brave to let go of the responsibility of taking care of her. I was a little teary eyed reading this, as you know I recently lost my mother-in-law, who was really the only mother figure in my life. I realize you are not losing your mom, but she has been a steady in your life for a while now. It will be another life shift to adjust to a new normal.

    You are a great daughter and you and your family are all very lucky to have each other! Thanks for being an inspiration!!!

  39. Well, I can’t say enough about this idea… I am the sister who is taking her turn in “sharing the care” I love my jar Elizabeth! I keep it right by my bedside and read one when I get up each morning. This morning I read “As you get older you understand why you have two hands… One for yourself and one to help others” ~ Audrey Hepburn

  40. My old neighbors had (and still have) a Shih Tsu named Noah and he was always happy to come over and see us at our house (he thought our place was his too)!

    So true about the benefits of having a dog, my life is healthier and happier thanks to my Coffee-pup! ^_^ He makes my life better by his silly antics, goofy grin, cuddles, and just being his doggy self! Great post!

  41. This is so cute! And funny I Love it.
    You know your a caregiver when you take a wrong turn and get lost and your dad yells from the back seat in frustration that he just wants to go home.

    • Yes! I try to look for ways to add more laughter in my day. Recently, I’ve discovered the snapchat comic filters. Contorting my face or adding mustaches, etc. and sending little snips to my family and vice versa is keeping us all laughing these days.

  42. Great list! It’s funny that you wrote about your 50 before 50 list the same day I posted about my 50 Fun Firsts list to celebrate my fiftieth year of life. It’s great to ‘meet’ a fellow caregiver and like-minded adventure seeker :).

    • Great minds…:-) I’ll need to check out your list. What a great way to reflect back on your growth over the years. So often we keep pressing forward that we don’t sit and reflect on what all we have accomplished. I like the thoughtful look from both directions.

  43. Thanks so much for this post! I’ve been wanting to do this too and reading yours has motivated me to finally start writing mine. Thanks! I’m new to this community and excited for support and to learn new ideas on how to cope with our changing lives at this stage of caring.

  44. I love this post! I am turning 50 this year and it just gave me more to think about…lol. I found you site a few months ago and tucked it away to look at it later. I am glad to have found you again….signed up for your email. I won’t loose you again…lol

  45. I have passed 50, but I love this idea. I am a caregiver coach and this is exactly what caregivers need to keep some attention on themselves while caring for their loved one. Thank you for sharing this…Great post!

  46. I love my Fitbit and I know I move so much more because I wear it all the time. It also helps me keep track of my sleep (and see that I don’t get enough :/). I’ll be sharing this with my caregiver community in next week’s newsletter :).

  47. I love these ideas!! I keep my grocery list on my refrigerator door. The original was created on my computer. I keep it in plastic sleeves and use dry erase markers to check off items needed. Every time I have to write them on the list. I go to my computer version and add it. Is organized in the same layout as the grocery store I frequent. Great timesaver !

  48. Apps I couldn’t live without!
    Organization: things and Evernote
    Calendar: iCal
    Financial: YNAB
    Family: focus on the family
    Music: agree with Elizabeth! Spotify and Pandora
    Meal organization: MacGourmet
    Fitness: all-in Yoga (can customize my own program and duration)

  49. thank you Elizabeth for the time you devoted to my experience as a caregiver! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I look to you and all the members for support! Thank you for this resource and continued sharing <3

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  51. This is a wonderful post… You are so brave Elizabeth! I tend to shy away from confrontation but this post gives the tools and encouragement to be assertive and loving for the benefit of our aging parents. I lose my patience sometimes when mom spirals into the past and realize I need to ‘take counsel’ in those wiser than me (to quote a drop from dads book) to help mom through coping with her losses. It’s not a sign of weakness to seek counseling…. But actually a sign of strength. In the days ahead I’m going to look into grief counseling for mom.

    • I think many can benefit from professional counseling. I heard this said before: we would go to the dentist for a toothache so why is there so much shame in getting professional help for our brains to process our feelings and past experiences?

  52. I have discovered a great app called “SEVEN” it’s for seven minute workouts! so cool and doable! and you can target desired areas of concentration.. I try to do twice a day and fit a run in while my mom is eating breakfast.

  53. I just love my caregiver jar full of inspirational thoughts and quotes! I keep it in my bathroom or sometimes move it to my bed side table (hey maybe I need two!) and each morning and evening I pick out one slip of a written message to feed my soul. It lingers with me throughout the day or as I fall asleep. As caregivers we are challenged with so many emotions and this jar of wisdom helps keep me grounded in peace and compassion.

  54. I received my Happy Healthy Caregiver Jar in the mail this week and I love it! I like to start my day by reading one of the messages, so I keep it in my room, though I found myself carrying the jar around with me this week, throughout the house. The positive energy, the fun, the inspirational and thought provoking sayings on each of the tabs remind me to get my mindset on the right track at the beginning of the day. I’m a sponge to inspirational images, messages and posts that lift me up, so this jar is right in line with my lifestyle. This makes a really fun, unique gift for a Caregiver who needs perked up. I highly recommend!

  55. I’ve put your youtube release as a repeat event on my calendar! loved the first few I’ve watched! what a great collaboration between two helpful resources! subscribed and looking forward to watching your channel 🙂

    • Thanks Susie! You know I love the idea of ‘scheduling’ time to watch the show on your calendar. 🙂 Let us know if you have topics you’d like to hear more about or questions we can answer on the show. Hope you continue to enjoy each episode.

  56. This is very real! I am struggling to get back my normal happy loving self. Its so sad knowing that you are not who you use to be and not being able to go back to that person as quickly as you want. I love the woman I take care of but I am so tired and she is so unhappy because her life is so hard. You find yourself sad and angry more times then you want to admit. This group is really great for people like me who need help regaining my strength.

    • Thanks, Kayla. Caregiver burnout is a real thing. Recognizing it and working on how to get your happy back are important steps. It’s so emotional for us and our care recipients. I like that you have that empathy. Feel free to email me directly or setup a free phone consultation if you’d like to talk more about your situation.