Are you running on empty?  We’ve all seen examples of busy moms who lose their personal identity sacrificing it all to care for the needs and wants of their families, job, or community. Sometimes we tragically see these moms in the news after they have snapped and plummeted off the deep end and hurt people in the process.  Most of these women probably meant well initially and maybe didn’t realize they were losing themselves along life’s journey.

Be a role model

Caring for others in spite of ourselves happens easily since there is always something we can do to help someone else, to make our homes cleaner, or to make our boss happier.  It’s a slippery slope and in my opinion sends the opposite message that most of us want to pass on to our children.  I believe it’s important for kids to see their moms growing and thriving.  They can’t witness our personal growth unless we carve out time for ourselves.  I want my son, and especially my daughter, to see that I am still a person underneath this supermom cape.  I have dreams, I have goals, and I have interests.  We encourage our children and our aging parents to step outside the comfort zone.  Let’s practice what we preach!

It’s not selfish to take care of yourself physically and emotionally.  It’s an act of survival.  Ignoring internal passions and interests is dangerous as it can build resentment and burnout.  Avoid the burnout by igniting the little bits of kindling inside of you.  We all were individuals before we were married and parents.  What interests did you have then?  In what ways, even if small ways, can you feed those interests and still care for others?

Live to learn

‘I’ll never be bored’ is an expression that I say often (maybe too much).  The point is that I have lots of hobbies and definitely plenty going on in my life but truly I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My interests include reading, watching movies, dining out, and experiencing new things, especially new places!  This blog is my latest learning adventure and I’m loving it.  I have a ton of knowledge to gain and so many resources and experiments I can try that I have created Trello board lists on things to learn and do now and things I need to set aside to learn and do later.  I love to read.  I’ve been in a close knit neighborhood book club for probably a dozen years!  Having a ‘deadline’ to read at least one book keeps me reading.  I hate going to book club without reading the book.  I cherish the monthly chatter with my girlfriends about the books that leads to deep conversation about ourselves – where we came from and where we are going.  Thankfully, my husband and children share common interests with me.  We all love to go to the movies, dine out at new restaurants, and plan our next big family vacation.  We are going to Ireland this fall!

Surround yourself with life learners

Finding like-minded people who share interests is not hard thanks to the Internet.  Try a local meetupSearch on Bloglovin’ for blogs about topics of interest to you.  I just discovered Bloglovin’ and adore it – it’s the Pinterest of blogs and they have an app where I can read about travel, fitness, parenting, and more in the tiny pockets of my day.  Online forums and Facebook fan pages are other ways to connect with folks who share the same interests.

I have an insatiable thirst for learning.  I quench this thirst by reading and listening to audiobooks or podcasts.  Audio learning is great for me as I have a daily commute and times when I’m returning from a carpool drop with an empty car.  Right now, I’m devouring podcasts from online teachers who willingly share what they have learned about blogging and internet marketing.  Podcasts are free little amazing nuggets!  My favorite ‘go-to’ podcasters right now are: Chalene Johnson (I think she is my doppelganger!), Pat Flynn, the Fizzle show guys (Corbett, Chase, and Barrett), and John Lee Dumus.  This gang of experts are my daily friends who whisper words of wisdom in my ear while I’m enjoying the same ole sites in my community.

Live, LEARN, & Laugh

I challenge you to find ways to be a nurturer of your family and of yourself.  We are savvy moms!  We are the masters of streamlining our days and surely can find ways to squeeze in learning opportunities.  Even small baby steps are still steps in the right direction.  Let’s support each other to always keep learning and never forget to feed our individual needs.

What are the savvy ways you weave in time for personal growth in your busy days?

Time for Caregiver Self Care

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2 comments on “Quench your thirst to learn and grow”

  1. Thank you for this! As a mother, it’s never difficult to feel guilty for taking care of your self, or doing anything that seems to immediately serve yourself. I think many moms (myself included) have trouble finding balance in this department. I’ve personally noticed a pattern of putting my own needs on the absolute back burner (health wise especially) then "treating" myself because I’ve gone without, then overcompensating for feeling guilty about my hour long bath by giving in with the next conflict instead of working towards an actual solution. I heard someone say once that when the heart beats to provide essential life giving blood along our circulatory system, the first organ in the path is the heart itself. So I think that’s a beautiful example of what you’ve written here. The answer isn’t indulging or denying ourselves, but in creating and protecting steady regular time to nourish ourselves so that we may have the strength to serve and love those around us. I am frankly pretty awful as this, the steady part, so I really appreciate this post and reminder to set about finding SAVY ways to do so 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment. I love the heart analogy. Also, I know what you are saying about the patterns of ‘treating’ ourselves. We think we ‘deserve’ the treat (mine are mostly food related) but what we really ‘deserve’ is to hit our personal goals. I’m a work in progress, too! Stay savvy!

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