My Spotify workout playlist is constantly a work in progress.  I know for my music to continue to motivate me and keep me moving, I need to keep my workout playlist fresh and fun.  Music is a must for me during a workout because:

  • It offers a distraction – I forget how hard I’m working or how long I’ve been exercising
  • It makes me exercise to the beat! I try to add songs to my workout playlist that have between 120 and 140 beats per minute.
  • It speaks to my soul! I love songs about getting stronger, achieving greatness, and being happy.

Since we are all caregivers interested in achieving greater health and happiness, I am sharing ten of my favorite songs in each of these areas – happiness and health.

10 Happy Songs for your Workout Playlist

These songs will have you smiling through a 36 minute workout.

10 Healthy Songs for your Workout Playlist

These songs will help you do one more rep or power walk to the next mailbox!

Hopefully, you’ve found a couple new to you songs that you can add to your playlist. Do you have a new song that is lifting your spirits or helping you crush your workout?  Please share it in the comments below.

But wait there’s more!  I’ve got a list of 50+ additional songs that will get you moving.  Click here to receive that playlist!

50 Songs Opt In


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