children need responsiblity

You see those helicopter parents hovering over their kids everywhere basically never letting their kids experience failure and helping them each step of the way.  I know these moms and dads think are doing a good thing but frankly I feel like it is a disservice to their child.  God forbid, what if one of these helicopter parents has a crash crisis landing?  What will happen to these children that have no clue how to fend for themselves?  I was grateful that I had already instilled in my kids some responsibility when I returned to work outside the home five years ago because once my husband and I began to provide care for our aging parents and were stretched out even thinner, our kids were in a prime position to pick up even more of the areas that began to slack.

I usually tell my kids that my job as their parent basically boils down to two main things:

1) Keep them safe.

2) Help them become people that others enjoy being around. (more…)

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