I first heard about the ‘mindset of abundance’ on a podcast and it allowed me to analyze why I like hanging out with certain people more than others in my personal life. I like moms who subscribe to this mindset who know that my kids can be smart, socially accepted, and athletic and their kids can too. I also like women who share great shopping deals or fat burning tips knowing that we all can look and feel our best. It’s not an either/or situation – we all can win at parenting, health, marriage and living a happy life.

This same mindset of abundance can be applied toward caregiving.


What is a mindset of scarcity?

To further explain what I mean by an abundant mindset, I need to first explain what the opposite mindset is – the mindset of scarcity. Someone who possesses a scarcity mindset while being a family caregiver may say or think the following:

  • If I don’t do everything myself, than I won’t be in control.
  • I’ll never have any time for myself.
  • No one can possibly understand what I’m going through.
  • If I don’t do all of the caregiving myself, then I won’t get the credit for it.
  • It’s not fair that this sibling gets to ______. I don’t get to do that. I should be able to do that.
  • Why does this sibling get all the attention? I guess no one cares about me.

Basically, if you reread the statements above they are built upon fear and guilt. A scarcity mindset can hold people back in life and perpetuate negative feelings. A scarcity mindset feels limited, rigid and problem-focused.

What is a mindset of abundance?

In contrast, a person who possesses an abundant mindset tends to be open-minded, trusts that there are unlimited resources in the universe, and is inclined to attract more people with a similar abundant mindset.

abundance mindset

How can a Caregiver cultivate a mindset of abundance?

There is great power in positive thinking.  Here are just a few ideas that may help to nurture an abundant mindset while being a family caregiver:

  1. Share knowledge and updates with your family members. This can be done by sending a quick email, posting pictures on Facebook, forwarding a great caregiving or self-care article.
  2. Share tools and tips that are working for you in the Happy Healthy Caregiver FB Group or Happy Healthy Caregiver Community.
  3. Collaborate with other Caregivers. Celebrate others successes and shine recognition on model behaviors. I win + you win = we all succeed!
  4. Believe that as a family Caregiver we are striving to grow and constantly welcoming ways to improve.
  5. Be willing to ask for and accept help from others.  Think of it not only as a break for you but a gift that you are giving someone else a chance to be a giver and help someone.
  6. Focus on what we do have and are doing well vs. what we are lacking. Appreciate how far we’ve come.

Cargivers, unite!

A scarcity mindset will separate us and an abundant mindset will unite us together.

When we all work together to cultivate this type of environment, we all will be the best family Caregivers we know how to be!

Take Action

As you go about in your day, take notice of  your thoughts and statements.  Categorize them as either thoughts and statements of scarcity or abundance.  How can you flip your mindset to attract abundance?

As you converse with friends and family, take notice of their statements, too.  Scarcity or abundance?  How do the scarcity mindset people make you feel?  How do those with a mindset of abundance make you feel?

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