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Welcome caregivers to HappyHealthyCaregiver.com! 

This site was created by me, Elizabeth, because I craved a supportive community like this when my caregiver responsibilities took on a whole new level after my dad passed away in 2014 and we had no choice but to move my chronically ill mom to Georgia.  I was stressed, overwhelmed and often felt like I was suffocating by my never-ending to-do lists. You can learn more about my story in this Woman’s Day article. I’m thrilled to see this community of caregivers growing and sharing tips, resources, and support that are allowing us to be happier and healthier!

HappyHealthyCaregiver.com is for family caregivers who feel isolated and overwhelmed by all their responsibilities and want help integrating caregiving with their life. Many resources are available on our site including a free encouraging Facebook group and a private online members-only community.

The Happy Healthy Caregiver Community contains all the tools and resources a caregiver needs to avoid burnout. Our complimentary community provides a practical step-by-step action plan to create balance, engaging caregiver spotlight interviews, illuminating expert interviews, resources organized by caregiving topics, and a private supportive forum available 24/7.

Our mission is to help caregivers all over the world become happier and healthier while caring for others. We can do hard things but don’t need to do them alone.

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