A few weeks back, my 15 year old daughter got wind of the official Vampire Diaries convention in downtown Atlanta and just had to go AND wanted to gift the experience to her bestie as a birthday gift.  She convinced me it would be fun and that I’d enjoy the convention as well since I have watched all the V.D. seasons and the last few with her…it’s been ‘our show’.  Once I committed to the tickets online and digested the price tag for the general admission one-day pass and a photo op with Stefan and Jeremy’s characters, I really just had to get used to the idea that I was donating one of my full weekend days for the good of two excited girlfriends.


But, what I received from our day yesterday was truly a gift for me and here’s why:

  • I felt like a goofy girl again!  I loved seeing fans dress up as characters and seeing everyone’s genuine excitement.  Everyone there had a common bond.
  • Steven M. McQueen (Jeremy) laughed at my question!  I asked him for tips on how my husband could look more like him.  I wanted to hear about his nutrition and fitness plan.  The side benefits of asking the question meant I got to get way closer to snap a picture for the girls and it demonstrated confidence.  They both later asked a question to Michael Trevino (Tyler) and Zach Roerig (Matt).  So proud to witness both of them stepping outside their comfort zones.
  • I heard my daughter say over 30 times how excited she was….I only know this number because her bff kept track!
  • I disconnected from home projects, team sports, household chores, and just enjoyed the moment (while indulging here and there on social media!)
  • Best part: I got to know these two smart savvy young ladies better.  Having the day together with some ‘down time’ in between events allowed me to ask questions and learn more about their friends, school, and what’s bugging them these days.  We enjoyed snacks up in the rotating Sundial restaurant at the top of the Westin Peachtree Plaza and after the event we feasted on some Antico pizza and Cafe Gio gelato.

My day with ‘the besties’ confirmed for me that THE BEST gifts are ones where you make a memory.  How lucky was I to get to be part of their first photo op with a famous person?!  This week is an equal opportunity child memory making week as I’m sharing some ‘suite’ Hawks tickets with my son…again, I’m not a big fan of pro basketball but I know I’m a big fan of his so it’s going to be a great night!

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