I’ve been told this several times, especially in recent years.  I have never doubted that I have a story or stories to tell and I recognize the power in the written word.  It’s powerful for me personally in that I feel lighter after expressing myself with words and it can be powerful for others who absorb the words and take action or see something in a different way then ever before.

I’m just like many of you in most ways…I’m a middle age mom trying to do her best in a world with lots of competing priorities.  I often compare my life to a puzzle…each piece is a member of my family who needs care, a task to do, a meal to eat, a goal to work toward, a bill to pay…you get the idea.

I know I want to write a book “someday”.  I know I can help myself and others with my future memoir.  I am considering this blog my outline or parking lot for some of these stories that will eventually be woven together in a best selling memoir. 🙂

During my journey so far, I have been:

* a small town girl in a Brady Bunch kind of family
* Traumatized by moving to a big city during middle school
* Energized by my college days
* Happily married to my high school prom date
* Struggling with adult acne and finding my personal happy body image
* Sequencing my IT career to put my family first
* Raising two children, currently teenagers!
* Frustrated by being impacted by my parent’s morbid obesity
* Saddened by the loss of a parent and my mother-in-law
* Overwhelmed by moving my mom into assisted living

These stories and more to come….

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